abstract art of 75 dollar sprinkles on canvas
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"$75 sprinkles"

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12x12 in. $99.00
20x28 in. $139.00
28x36 in. $229.00

the happiest place on earth nursery rhyme. we arrive at the happiest birthday place with smiles on our faces and empty stomachs. lunch is on our mind as we pay for the admission. as we arrive at our table with the host brightning the day along with the two big mice, the mini cakes with all its colorful decorations arrive at our table. hmmmm, why would they promote eating desert before lunch? as silence overcame me, everything in slow motion, I just realized, lunch was not to be, I just paid 75 dollars for a mini cake that I designed, hence the name.

~ written by bill II
~ blink by bill II